Butyl-TiteTM Joint Sealant

General Description: Butyl-Tite (tm)

Butyl-TiteTM is an extruded tacky rubber sealant in rope form for use on manholes, storm sewer pipe, elliptical and other special shapes or concrete and metal surfaces. It is a permanently flexible non-shrinking compound and has extreme water and corrosion resistance. Excellent adhesion and ductility provides adherence to practically any clean dry surface, when pressured into place.

Butyl-TiteTM is formulated as a ready to use, cold applied, preformed to size material. It is very easy to apply and is permanently bonded. It will not oxidize or stiffen and has an effective service life from -40 to +180 Fahrenheit. Butyl-TiteTM is non-staining and contains no asbestos fiber or volatile materials.


Application and Installation:

Butyl-TiteTM requires no special tools. It bonds instantly to joint surfaces and to itself forming a continuous watertight seal around the periphery of the joint.

Joint surfaces should be as clean and dry as possible before application. All surfaces should be inspected for any structural damages that might impair the sealing effectiveness of the Butyl-TiteTM.

Because good construction procedures are necessary to assure total performance of Butyl-TiteTM, be certain the units can be coupled without getting mud and other debris in the joint sealing area or on the Butyl-TiteTM. The trench should be free from ground water. The bottom should be on grade and stable.

Butyl-Tite (tm) Apply Butyl-TiteTM by pressing in place on the joint surface. Suggested positioning on horizontal structures is to place the sealant close to the leading edge of the tongue. On vertical structures, it is suggested the sealant be placed at the shoulder of the tongue or groove, whichever is in the upright position. Pipe and manhole handling after the Butyl-TiteTM sealant has been applied should be carefully controlled to prevent bumping the gasket and dislodging it, or covering it with dirt or other foreign materials. Any contaminated gasket should be removed and replaced. Always butt ends together never overlap materials.

Leave protective film in place during application and handling. Once the pipe is in the trench ready to couple, remove protective film from Butyl-TiteTM. Couple the joint using sufficient pressure to compress the seal and complete the joint. When the joint is coupled, backfilling can begin immediately.



Butyl-TiteTM Wrap

General Description: Butyl-Tite (tm)

Butyl-TiteTM Wrap is an extruded soft, tacky butyl sealant that is bonded to a polyethylene backing and wound on a release film. The wrap is designed to provide a high strength water tight seal on clean, dry concrete surfaces and joints. Butyl-TiteTM Wrap meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C877-01 Type III and C990-o1a.

Butyl-TiteTM Wrap is available in sizes from 6 to 12 wide. It can be custom made in various lengths, thicknesses and widths to meet your specific needs.



Wipe or brush clean all joints and surfaces where Butyl-TiteTM Wrap is to be applied. Apply with light pressure overlapping ends and edges as necessary. Primer may be used to enhance the adhesion to concrete surfaces, but usually is not necessary.


Suggested Applications:

Manhole Joints Pipe Joints
Box Culvert Joints                      Septic Tank Joints
Burial Vault Joints Wet Walls


Technical Information:

Type III, Chemically-bonded adhesive butyl bands

Tensile strength, min, psi: 4000
Elongation at break, min %:      100
Tear resistance, min, psi: 1500
Water absorption, max %: 0.01

Physical Properties:

  Minimum    Maximum    Actual
Ash-inert matter, % 30 50 44
Volatiles, % 0.1 2 <2%
Specific Gravity 1.15 1.50 1.24
Adhesion after impact, %      50 100 74
Penetration at 77 F 50 100 88


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